Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What if the most difficult room in your house turned out to be the easiest decision? You don’t have to choose between long-lasting functionality and eye-catching style. We have a solution for you to get exactly what you want in terms of style, color, and ease of cleanup – and get it all with one simple, affordable choice.

The simple truth is “resilient flooring.” This is Luxury Vinyl that redefines the term, capable of imitating everything from stone and tile to ceramic and wood. It’s a simple installation that tolerates less-than-perfect subfloors. It’s soft underfoot, can maintain consistent year-round temperatures, and has a little toe-happy “give” that wood and tile don’t have. The combination of durable materials and lock-together installation technology makes it 100% waterproof, and capable of withstanding any challenge. Kids, pets, heavy foot traffic, mud rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements: resilient flooring can withstand the toughest environments while also looking great.

Pet-proof options

If the patter of little feet or paws is the first thing that stops you from choosing the floor you really want, resilient flooring from My Beauty Floors is here to save the day – and your vision of your multifunctional spaces. Luxury vinyl, in fact, checks all the boxes, from wear and care to style and smiles. Reduce the cleaning routine to sweeping, wiping, and damp mopping. Even if you have pets, you can give your home a show-stopping appearance.

How it works

How does luxury vinyl look so good? Resilient flooring takes the best qualities of vinyl and adds a special benefit in the form of high-resolution printing, which allows it to convince almost anyone into thinking it’s one of the mainstays of traditional flooring. It offers the form factor and surface appearance of other flooring types because it is manufactured in planks or tiles rather than sheets like old-style vinyl.

No compromises

So you don’t have to settle for less or spend more than you want to. Resilient flooring provides high style without the high price and a list of options so diverse that you now have options rather than worries. Allow our professional design consultants to guide you through those options during an in-person consultation, and we’ll help you find exactly what you want for the rooms you were afraid would become your biggest compromise.

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